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A: "Mad Axe Man" 

B: "Why" / "Working Class Scum" 

Love Child Records GAG001

7" vinyl limited to 250 copies in hand-made, hand-numbered sleeves.

Over to Clive Gorman to explain more about the band:

Psychotic Funhouse!

Formed circa 1980 and initially called Social Disease which was very quickly dropped for PF.

The original line up was basically pals living in and around Manchester. Clive Gorman lived in Davyhulme, Wayne Jonah Jones was in Urmston, Pat McAdam was in Stretford and the original guitarist 'Khani' lived in North Manchester! Khani was quickly replaced due to him being reliable in being unreliable by Stuart who was based in Sale! The group was managed by Pete 'Aussie' McCormack who was based over Flixton way. Aussie Pat and Jonah frequently did stage security at many punk gigs whereas Clive just joined in the crowd and got chucked back in by them! Aussie's brother was the sound engineer for Joy Division, Buzzcocks and later with New Order and The Smiths. The connection never helped us though ha ha! There was no problem getting into the Hacienda for us lot in its heyday though, enjoying free entry and no queuing!

Jonah worked in a garage in Flixton as a panel beater and remained in that job for 38 years! Clive was a plumbing apprentice which meant he could still sport Dr Martens and cover his hair with a hat whilst working! Pat worked for his fathers cleaning company, Stuart was unemployed and Aussie just appeared to go fishing after a payout for an industrial injury! That payout bought the stuff for the band and in particular Clive's black Kramer Flying V bass which was later nicked with all our stuff from our rehearsals room in the centre of Manchester!

Shortly after forming Clive and Aussie rented a house in Flixton with a few other Punks! Jonah followed later but, by this time the house, famously later called 'Fraggle Rock' by the neighbours due to our colourful hairstyles, was infamous for the local Punks to crash out at and experience the Magic Mushroom and Acid world. It was on one of those nights that the name of the band was agreed after the house we all lived in or frequented!

The area had a strong punk scene (and Perry Boy scene) and we all used to frequent The local Joseph Holt's pub The Lord Nelson....'The Nelly' during the week and weekends if there was nothing on in Manchester we fancied! The vault hosted a couple of our earliest gigs which went down really well with the Punks and the local customers! The landlady Margaret was an imposing character and wouldn't any fucking about .....and good job really as we were a handful to say the least but, she was more than happy for us to play!

Our first proper gig was in The Ancoats pub where the Manchester Punks used to frequent which we did for charity and attracted the Manchester Evening News where we had an article and photograph printed! Fame beckoned ha ha!

We also played The Grenadier round the corner and an infamous gig at some club in Chorlton where nobody turned up under the age of 60 but, we played anyway until they turned the electric off due to the 'Bloody Racket' we made!

We all became good friends with GBH and Discharge who were becoming major players in the new wave of punk bands! Our first major gig was in Dukinfield supporting GBH at an old cinema called Drifters! We had to take our gear by bus which was a good hour and a half along with a 4 x 12 speaker set up! The bus driver wanted to charge us a fare for the thing which we didn't pay!

The gig was sold out and was packed to the rafters and Clive was found in the toilets being sick as we were due to go on stage! Some say it's the best gig he ever played! We only had about 7 songs so, as we were going down so well, decided to play them all again! No fucker noticed ha ha!

We scraped together enough to record three tracks at a little studio in Salford called Twilight! This was the studio that the Smiths later recorded their first ever demo!

Supporting GBH was a given every time they played Manchester so did we! A couple of memorable gigs at a club called Cloud 9 supporting GBH and a great gig Supporting The Exploited at the same club! Another notable gig was Supporting English Dogs at Oddys Tower Club in Oldham!

Our last gig was at the Red Lion pub in Flixton which held live music and after persistent pestering the landlord gave in and said we could play! Payment was £50 plus free beer.....we turned up midday to set up but, more importantly to get the most out of the free beer agreement! The gig was locally advertised and the aforementioned Perry Boys threatened to cause trouble if we played! The stage was virtually non existent so the crowd were almost at the same height! One of the Perry Boys, who clive had fought with in the past, kept turning his machine heads mid song until he launched his bass into his face and all he'll let loose! The final PF gig and the last live gig the Red Lion hosted!



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